Friday, August 1, 2008

Hey Circuit City: What The Fuck?

I don't give a shit about the environment. I don't go out of my way to bury drums of charcoal ash in city parks or anything like that, but I really don't care if we kill off our environment or not. When I hear people saying that we're destroying the planet, I cringe a bit. The human race (thankfully) does not have the ability to destroy this planet or any other. What we are doing is fucking up our living quarters bad enough to make them uninhabitable. We are shitting in our food dish, so to speak. For me personally, well, fuck it. We created all of the environmental issues ourselves, and our slow mass suicide either happens or it doesn't. Whatever.

That diatribe being said, I have to wonder what the fuck is going on at Circuit City. For those who are not aware of this chain, they sell electronics and games and all of that other shit you think you need but really don't. It's just like Best Buy, except red. Well, that, and THIS:

Okay, what the holy hell is going on here? They have been doing this for years, and I have never understood it. Seriously, there must be an entire aspen tree's worth of wood in this receipt. Did I mention that the sale is for ONE FUCKING COMPACT DISC? No warranty and rebate here, my friends, because heaven help you if you buy something that has one or both of those. The Circuit City proof-of-purchase for that looks something like this:

I am shocked some wayward environmental group hasn't bitched about these things. Hell, how has an employee not bitched about these things? They must go through a roll every 40 minutes. Seriously, my thirteen dollar receipt has enough ink on it to paint nearly 2/5ths of a battleship. It's why all Circuit City stores are two stories tall. The top floor is nothing but storage for register printer ink. Oh well. I did at least find one good thing from all of this... or at least, one of my cats did:

Circuit City receipt paper is delicious! NOM NOM NOM

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ZeroDay said...

Hey-- It's ZeroDay from the forums. I used to work at a Circuit City and I can tell you that the size of their receipt paper (is that a return receipt or were you buying a converter box?) is the smallest of their methods to ass rape the environment. Every day, they print out hundreds upon hundreds of planograms, emails, etc.. and then throw them away at close-out. I worked at customer service, and they literally printed out huge stacks of paper every day that no one used except to make paper airplanes that we could throw at one another. I'd say boycott Circuit City, but they've got > 1 year before Best Buy outdoes them and they're forced to close down anyway. They've already started opening later and closing earlier since they can't afford to just have the store sit open and empty.