Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Head, Just Shoulders (TV Ads Part 2)

From the country that brought you recent geography nonsense such as Wasilla, Alaska being close to Russia and citizens panicking over the state of Georgia being invaded comes this poorly fact-checked advertisement from Procter and Gamble, selling their medicated hair goop Head and Shoulders.

We'll see how long this thing lasts on the air, but for now, you can only find it on their website. On the bottom of the home page, click on "Commercials and Quotes", and look for the picture matching the genius in the picture leading this post (minus the can of borscht).

If you don't feel like going through all of that bullshit just to watch a crappy commercial, I don't blame you. So, I'll spoil the stupidity here: The point of the ad is he is trying to be smart, and the first supposedly intelligent thing he utters is that Russia is the capital of Moscow. No, it's not intentional, nor done to be funny. It's bad enough these TV ads are becoming markedly and noticeably stupider every day, but its starting to become an "Idiocracy"-level of "Who gives a fuck". Thanks for the affirmation, Procter and Gamble.

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